*anita* is a brand of  home accessories that introduce a touch of warmth to the everyday.  These functional items are created from natural and high quality f ibers like recycled paper, linen, and felt.

Anne Cahsens is the Montreal-based designer behind the anita line.  Since a young age, she has been developing a
natural curiousity for the arts.  She studied arts at McGill University in Montreal where she earned her Art History degree and then later graduated with an Interior Design degree from Ryerson University in Toronto.  She has explored a variety
of media and has combined this with her appreciation for design and nature. 

She draws from her travels, her interior design and graphic design experience, and artistic explorations to create
the anita line of products.

anita uses quality, eco-friendly materials and natural f ibres and is made in Montreal.


anita* est une ligne d’accessoires pour la maison qui amène une touche de chaleur
au quotidien.  Ces objets sont créés à partir de f ibres de qualité comme , le lin, le feutre, le papier recyclé.

Anne Cahsens est la créatrice montréalaise derrière la marque *anita*. Elle s'inspire de ses voyages dans le nord
de l'Europe, de son expérience en design d’intérieur et en design graphique, et de ses explorations artistiques,
pour créer des motifs inspirés de la nature.

* paper, linen, felt *

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